Olivier currently teaches or have taught the following courses at UdeS :

Science communication teaching

With Benoît Leblanc, Olivier designed and taught the course EFD929 - Communication scientifique par la bande-dessinée at UdeS since January, 2020. 

An open-access paper summarizes the lessons learned and results from this course between 2020 and 2021.

'Dessine ta science / Draw your science' was published in Dec. 2021. It is a 188-page science comics gathering works from professional comics writers, professors and students (from 4 different faculties). 

The course EFD908 - Communication scientifique vers le grand-public was designed with Sophie Malavoy and given since Fall 2021 session. 

Collaborations with museums or exhibition design

Sound, only sound (touring exhibition, 2019-2024, Sherbrooke, Canada) - Comfortable (2020-2022, Valcourt, Canada) - Contribution to Acoustics and beyond (2020, Coïmbra, Portugal) - 'À l'image du son', Le Mans Sonore (2022, Le Mans, France)

Sound, only sound - This exhibition was designed with MNS2, was presented in several museums in Canada and included several partners (UdeS Mech Eng Faculty, GRPA, LAUM)

«Sound, only sound» won a Cascade award 2020 from the Canadian Association of Science Centres

'Comfortable: test your transports!' was an exhibition held at MIJAB (2020-2022), meant to show how comfort affects human senses, and how it impacts people differently.

'À l'image du son' - This exhibition was setup with people from LAUM and EMPA for Le Mans Sonore 2022. Virtual exhibition here!