Affiliations in Canada

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Researchers - students involved in research projects / collaborations:

  • Interns: Nicolas Perreault (Winter 2022, UdeS, Canada), Albane de Jaeghere (Winter - Summer 2022, UTC, Compiègne, France), Élie Garot (Summer 2022, ENTPE, Lyon, France), Edwin Helet (Fall 2022, EPF, Poitiers, France), Frédéric La Madeleine (Fall 2022, UdeS, Canada)

  • MSc students: Magdeleine Sciard (2021-2022, ÉTS - UdeS)

  • PhD students: Giuseppe Catapane (Summer - Fall 2022, UdeS, Canada / Napoli, Italy)

  • Post-doc students: Samuel Dupont (2021-2022, UdeS, Canada / Le Mans, France), Erwan Meteyer (2022, UdeS, Canada / Le Mans, France)

  • Invited researchers / professors: Giuseppe Petrone (Summer 2022, UNINA, Italy), Marco Caniato (Summer 2022, UBozen, Italy), Manuel Melon (Fall 2022- Summer 2023, Le Mans, France)

Research topics illustrated

Full-field vibration measurements

Visible and infrared deflectometry

Combination with loading and properties identification methods

Development of turn-key tools / Post-processing optimization

Acoustic measurements

Microphone arrays, sound mapping, binaural recordings, sound absorbing materials properties

Mechanical properties of Adirondack spruce (more to come!)